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Thijs van der Zanden


Citroën 2CV - van plattelandsauto tot stijlicoon

Citroën 2CV - van plattelandsauto tot stijlicoon

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The Citroën 2CV was a hit. Millions were sold worldwide, all equally comfortable, lightweight, with simple but indestructible technology and full of usability.

It are these qualities that made the 'ugly duckling' so beloved by families, roadside tourists, world travellers, campers, firefighters, hippies, road guards, cameramen, adventurers, economy champions, tradesmen, museum directors, creative people, sun worshippers, policemen, youth hostel visitors, 2CV-crossers, investors, advertisers, Christmas tree delivery people, music lovers... In this booklet (which is also fun if you are not a car enthusiast) they all pass by in a long parade.

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Citroën 2CV - van plattelandsauto tot stijlicoon


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  • Language: Nederlands
  • Author: Thijs van der Zanden
  • Size: 16 cm x 16 cm
  • Finish: Full color. soft cover
  • Pages: 128

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