About Citrovisie

I am Thijs van der Zanden, the founder of Citrovisie. In Citrovisie I combine my two hobbies: writing and Citroëns. The foundations for Citrovisie were laid in the early 90’s when I chose the 2CV as the subject for a school writing assignment. This started my interest in the Citroën brand. After high school I was torn between studying industrial design and journalism. Eventually I became a designer, but in my spare time I wrote numerous articles for the Dutch Citroën Visa Club magazine and contributed to the CitroExpert magazine. In 2010, after five years of preparation, my book about the Citroën Visa was ready. It was successful and I got a taste of writing. To continue my activities as author and publisher I founded Citrovisie in 2012.

My approach

The formula of Citrovisie is simple: no ordinary car books with well-known facts and photos, but books full of new information and lots of never previously published material. I burrow into archives, visit former Citroën employees and try to find new facts and interesting anecdotes to fill my books. As well as new information, a Citrovisie book must also offer a lot of viewing and browsing pleasure. I try therefore to make maximum use of images to illustrate my stories.

New projects

Over the years the range of Citroën books by Citrovisie has steadily grown. Currently I am also working on some new titles. If you want to keep up to date with these and other developments, take a look at the Facebook or Instagram pages of Citrovisie.