How did James Bond escape from his pursuers in a 2CV? 50 years ago what was the price of the cheapest Citroën ? Why did an AX drive along the Great Wall of China? What did the introduction of the Mini have to do with the Citroën Bijou? Why should the members of the Croisière Blanche expedition partied a little less? Did you know that Opel copied the Citroën 5HP in the 1920s? Did the BX Dommage really exist? Who knows the C35, the love child of Citroën and Fiat? What sort of cars were the Citroën MEP and FAF? Did you know that Citroëns were built in Amsterdam between 1963 and 1970? A Maserati with hydropneumatic suspension? Why was the Citroën TUB the blueprint for the modern van? What did the Polish army do with Citroën halftracks? Just a handful of subjects that are described in the book ‘Citroensap’, which means lemon juice in Dutch.

With this publication author Thijs van der Zanden pulls together lots of remarkable facts in a highly original way; striking events and forgotten models from the history of Citroën. Citroensap is for anyone looking for a truly original car book and a must for all Citroënists who are interested in the history of the marque.


Citroensap - Faits divers uit de geschiedenis van Citroën




Thijs van der Zanden




16,7 x 24 cm, 128 pages


Full color, soft cover

€ 21,95

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Gratis cadeau bij elke bestelling: onze uitgave ‘Citroën & Paris’.

Citroën en Parijs: al meer dan honderd jaar zijn ze met elkaar verweven en tal van plekken in de stad hebben een historische link met ‘ons’ merk. En wat is er nou leuker dan deze plekken te bezoeken en hier bijna letterlijk in de voetsporen van André Citroën te treden? Met dit overzicht van de belangrijkste points of interest wijst Citrovisie je de weg.
Bonne route!

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