Citroën XM

The Citroën XM had the near impossible task of following in the footsteps of three legends: the Traction, the DS and the CX. At first everything seemed fine: the sharply drawn, aerodynamic design was something really special and the XM was also full of technical innovations. It was the natural winner of the 'Car of the Year 1990' title.

The first customers however, experienced the downside of so much innovation: their XMs broke down with all kinds of faults. By the time Citroën had finally solved these problems, the XM's reputation had already been damaged so much that the car was doomed to a marginal existence.

In this book author Thijs van der Zanden tells the fascinating story behind the XM. From the first sketches and prototypes to the introduction of the first models and all the versions that Citroën added to the range over the years. The models that never got any further than the drawing board are also shown in this book. Memories and anecdotes from various parties involved enliven the story and the countless unpublished illustrations make this book a must for the real enthusiast.


Citroën XM - Van overwinning op de weg tot gehavend vlaggenschip




Thijs van der Zanden




22 x 24 cm, 288 pages


Full color, hard cover

  1. Thank you very much for the XM book : I realise the amount of work you had to do for such a task , it's amazing !
    Marc Deschamps - voormalig designer Bertone
  2. Wat een prachtig boek is het geworden!
  3. En dan denk je, dat je heel veel over de XM weet, tot de dag dat het boek bezorgd wordt. Zoveel nieuws gezien... nu nog even de tijd vinden om alles te lezen.

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